The end is nigh

The last few weeks have been very eventful. Our project has finally (almost) reached its end and now we are waiting to hear back from our project partner if the are licensing our solution or not.

Just after the new year celebrations we worked on the Playbook and our own documentation. After many hours of typing and formatting, the documentation was ready. In the end, it was 47 pages long and it included branding, business model, front- and back-end plans, mock-ups for the UI, and dozens of feature ideas for the system.

Last week we finally had our final pitch. Antti spoke well at Mediapolis and we also presented an actual working demo of the product, presented by Aapo.

This week it was time for our final meeting. Our team, our facilitator, project partners and teachers met and went through our project’s achievements. Antti also pitched one more time: we were today at our project partner’s office to tell their employees about our results with another Demola team.

So, this is it. Thank you for staying with us for all this time and take care!




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