Progress and struggles

Long time no see blogging world! Unfortunately, our blogging activity has been lacking a little bit lately but we’ll try to improve on that in this last month or so what we have left of our project. So what have we been doing these last couple weeks?

We planned our technical implementation and demo but then we struggled with actually developing the demo because our team doesn’t have so professional front-end development skills and time is limited. Luckily, that’s not a problem because our project partner, Oscar Software, is a software company so they don’t expect us to develop fully functional demo. We decided to document our technical implementation ideas on paper as a one example how the product could be developed which can be a starting point for Oscar. As a little extra, we also managed to develop a small interactive front-end demo using some templates found from internet which might be usable for example in the final pitch…

We have also created different UI mockups to showcase our ideas. We have different kind of mockups for different kind of end-customer companies, for example maybe a little more fun UI mockup for younger startup kind of companies and a bit more formal type of mockup for bigger older companies. In our project partner meetings, we have valuated our mockups and got good constructive feedback on them so we know what’s working and what’s not.

We have valuated our concept and ideas with interviewing Oscar Software’s real customers which are interested in our product. That’s a good way to get some thoughts on our ideas and also get some totally new ideas what customer companies have had in their mind. We also interviewed one Oscar Software employee and are interviewing another employee in the coming week to get even more feedback and thoughts.

Our team has been quite a busy in these last couple weeks with school projects and exam weeks thanks to an ending autumn semester so our progress with this Demola project hasn’t been a huge but maybe somewhat steady. Also one member of our team, Shakeeb, has been visiting his home country Pakistan the whole month so our team has lacked a manpower little bit. The Christmas is coming so we are going to have a little holiday break with our project but we are sure we are going to get back to work fully energized in early next year and make a good final push until the end of this project!

Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we’ll be back!


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