Is Data Visualization and Machine learning the next big thing?

Hi guys, a big update about a relevant topic and some new information about the project.

We are currently living in an era of data. The world is so well digitally connected such that the actions which we perform starting from the terms which we search on our search engines till our previous orders in an online shopping website, everything is captured, visualized and suggestions are given to us in the form of advertisements of what we might like or the products which we might be interested on. To simplify it we are beginning to customize everything and show relevant data to relevant people.

How could this impact our lives? Yes there will be a significant impact of “predictive analysis”. We have many tools in the market which enables us to visualize the data. The tools perform the operation of processing data into a meaningful one. But on the contrary it again comes into the hands of humans to make decisions. There would be greater impact if we combine machine learning/ artificial intelligence ideas along with excellent data visualization tools. This in turn will produce a greater tool which can make complex decisions on its own. Increasing inclination towards machine learning leads to providing suitable or best algorithms for complex problems. So ideally if we mix the decision making skills of a human in the form of a machine learning algorithm and provide it with a tool to visualize the chunks of data, we can make the decision making process easier.

There is a long way to go to make something as good as a human in terms of decision making, so ideally human involvement is needed to make sure whether the decision made will work out or be successful. This idea can be applied in almost all possible industries. But from my point of view healthcare industry would be the ideal one. Since we have all possible data regarding a peculiar disease documented, if there are hundreds and thousands of possibilities which could cause it, ideally a machine with visualization power would be helpful in finding out or figuring which could be the ideal solution and which is the main factor in triggering out an outbreak.

So personally I feel, data visualization is part of an important aspect in terms of decision making and understanding complex situations, if it is coupled with artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities ideally this could be the next big thing in the future.

An update our progress in the project so far…

We had our mid pitch event last week and Antti did a wonderful job in presenting/pitching our solution (The presentation conveyed ideas clearly so kudos to Antti). We received constructive feedback from the audience as well as the judges. We have started planning on our implementation phase and working on it as well to produce a “Minimalistic Working Prototype” and a document with our ideas in proceeding further with the development of Corporate Infopoint system. (Bi-weekly meeting with project turned out to be a good one, since we pitched in our current status and made sure that we are on the right track with regards to the project).



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