Two week update

These past almost two weeks since the last update have been hectic and not as much stuff has happened as you could’ve hoped for. That’s not to say nothing has happened, the team has just been so busy with other courses and life that wwe haven’t met as often as we maybe should have.

First of all, we had our Playbook meeting last week. Our project partner was there as well as one of our teachers from the universities, too. And of course, our team facilitator Raúl was there too.

We went through what we had written in the Playbook. Each of us got some questions that were more or less the same as had been in the playbook and then the person with the question explained what we had thought about it when we had been writing the Playbook.

After we were ready going through the Playbook, we also showed out project partner how we had progressed since our last meeting. There had been the Demola Jam #1 and Antti had brought with him the s****y prototype we had done there.

Us explaining the s****y prototype.

We also told our project partner what other progress we had made since our initial meeting with the project partner. Alltogether, the Playbook meeting went well and we got some valuable comments from both the project partner as well as from our teacher and Raúl.

Like stated before, we have all been terribly busy and we didn’t have time to meet again last week. We did find a time slot that worked for all of us this week and so we met (again at TUT) on Thursday.

This time we were planning on discussing the ideas we had had since our previous meeting, we had posted those on our team’s Slack so we wouldn’t forget about them. We were also continuing to refine our ideas. We spent three hours bouncig ideas back and forth. Some of that time was spent figuring out the best way to prototype our ideas in the next meeting with our project partner.

Furthermore, we got to the concept of visualizing and what it meant for us in this project. All of us seemed very pleased with the progress and the direction of our project. The visualization part still needs to be worked on quite a bit but we have made a good start and know what we want to do next.


A sort of tag cloud might be something we could use, depending on how things turn out. We thought this might be something a bit more “warm and fuzzy” and not just cold data and numbers turned into information. But this is just one idea we’ve been thinking about, might be those ideas run over the tag cloud, or maybe they don’t. We’ll know more about that once the project is coming to an end.

Hopefully, the next blog post will not take two weeks to be published and that it will be less of a novel. Until then!

Time – unlike money, opportunity or good looks – is the one resource that is allocated equally to all of us. No matter what our financial or family situation, we each get 24 hours a day. x


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