It’s a pivoting time #1

Have you ever got into some task so exciting that you just start concepting and doing it right away? Sort of that happened to us with our project. We all were so excited of our new project and its problem to be solved that we jumped right away into concepting the solution. After the first couple of weeks of intensive brainstorming we ended up producing our the very first sh*tty prototype at last Saturday’s Demola Jam #1 (see more in the previous blog post) and the feeling was great because we had actually done something concrete already in the so early stages. Well, for me that feeling lasted only a one day. Day after Jam #1, on Sunday, I was thinking about our sh*tty prototype and then I got struck by a lighting. Wait a minute, I have seen this before somewhere else, I thought. A little Googling and I ended up thinking that oh sh*t, we are inventing the wheel again because nowadays modern business / company dashboards happen to offer a pretty same type of features and abilities we have been concepting these couple weeks. But what do you do when you realize that the product you have been concepting so excitedly already more or less exist out there?

That question is actually the game changer also in the real life companies and startups. If you realize that your product already exists, it’s not going to work or end up with some other problem you definitely DON’T give up and throw your concepts to the trashcan! You learn what you have done and PIVOT as it’s said in today’s startup world. If you master the pivoting your epic end-vision can still come true. Sometimes you might even have to pivot many times before you have the diamond in your hands. Like it was presented to us in the Jam #1 you have to first find a rock containing the diamond and then refine it couple times to get the actual precious diamond. But what’s pivoting? Well, let the man behind the word explain it himself:

So what have we learned and where are we going to pivot next? To start with, we should always do some competition research as soon as possible to see what others are doing so we don’t waste time doing exactly the same. Thanks to agile development methods used also in the Demola projects it shouldn’t even be possible to spend like 18 months developing a new product and realizing only in the end that it’s just not going to work. Next thing for us is to have a brainstorming session focusing in how can we use existing products as a benchmark and truly make our product next level and so much better as competitors’. There have already been some thoughts about that we could focus on, for example, user experience to make interaction with the product unique and fun with some new interesting methods in addition to the touch screen. But if you see us running around the streets of Tampere asking crazy questions please don’t call the police, we are just pivoting as seen in the video below!

-Constantly pivoting Aapo

A pivot is a “structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.” x


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