Introductions and such

So, our team has been active for a few weeks now but we still haven’t really intoduces ourselves. Let’s fix that right away.


Hey people this is Arjun!!

Am from Chennai ( a big city in India ) doing my masters in Information technology in TUT.

I am a vivid reader of adventure / sci-fi novels and a part time story writer. Now am learning a little bit about photography.

I love to eat and try different cuisines !! Well that’s pretty much about me.


Hi everybody! I’m Marja and I’ve been living in Tampere for a few years now. I moved here from the western coast of Finland and that’s where my heart will always be.

I am a third year student of computer science at university of Tampere. Before coming to university, I completed two other lower level educations, I am both a chef and a car mechanic. Besides just studying, I am in the executive board of my student association at uni.

I read a lot of books, especially those of fantasy and sci-fi genres. I also love (probably too much) tv shows and movies, as well as the Internet in general 😀

I love spending time with friends, baking, and caffeine! And autumn is my favourite season so I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible while I can!



Me: Shakeeb ur Rehman Shirazi. I am from Lahore Pakistan. I love to travel and cook delicious food.

It think i am good in UX/UI designing and coding stuff

In this project i am looking to enhance my coding and UI design skills by working on industry related project. I have skills in c,c++, PHP ,java, JavaScript programming languages also have hands on experience on hyper text markup languages like HTML5, CSS3. I worked on web-publishing sites like WordPress. I am really motivated to enhance my communication and intercultural skills by working with talented and multidimensional team members. I hope everyone in my group finds me helpful and supportive.

img_20161006_110523Hello! I’m Aapo Tanskanen, Information and Knowledge Management student from TUT. Thanks to my studies I’m all about processing data into information and further to knowledge and making value out of it. My studies are also a good combination of IT and business stuff so I understand both worlds which come very handy in projects like ours. In this project I will most likely focus mostly on the concepting side and let the technical implementation for our team’s other talented coders.

I’m enthusiastic and optimistic about startup culture and new technologies so I feel like home in this Demola project and I can keep my creative juices flowing with concepting our product. I believe that in the end we will come up with something truly fascinating because if we have been able to send successfully a man to the Moon and back in the 60s with the computers as powerful as today’s calculators, anything is possible. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Hi people,
I am Antti, almost a born and raised original from Tampere. I am managing the project as the first touch of project managing in software industry, so I am quite excited! (had to read some books about the topic though)
Currently I am studying in School of Management in the University of Tampere. I am bringing in some understanding about business concepts in the tech industry, also I am quite good with numbers and factors.
I love nature in all of its forms, doing sports, food, drinks and books.

My goals for the project is to get connected to the real world of technology industry, improve my project management skills and get a taste of how it is to work in a multicultural team. Looking forward for this Autumn with morning frost and fresh ideas.

That was us, you’ll hear more from us as the autumn goes on!


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