Well hey there,

Hi guys! This is our blog for the Demola Autumn 2016 project.


Our project started a couple weeks ago with the Kick-Off event where we had the opportunity to meet the team and our facilitator Raúl. We also got a chance to check the Demola New Factory @ Finlayson, Tampere. Our project partner is Oscar Software, a software company from Tampere, Finland.

In companies, using the existing data for decision making can really be a headache. Even though the stakeholders have the access to the data, it is more about the question how they see it. We’ll figure out a solution that will allow information to flow between departments and other people who need it!

In the project we are developing a data visualization concept for the use of project partner’s customers. Our goal is to create an integrated tool that allows companies to get relevant internal information easily, in visualized form.

Our project partner’s customers are little alike and that is probably the first problem for us to tackle; the solution(s) should be something for everyone. Depending on our solutions, we’ll do some coding and at least try to develop a demo of some sort, but that all is still in the future, now we’re still trying to fully understand the scope of our problem.

We’ve already had some meetings with our group and this Saturday we will all participate in Demola Jam #1 at the Demola premises!

This multivariate display on a two dimensional surface tells a story that can be grasped immediately while identifying the source data to build credibility. x


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